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SMTP server update with Spam filters Posted April 10th 2000

PowerBuilder Y2K Runtime update, (6.9mb) Simply copy into Spinmail dir, OK for 2.3 and above.

Updated docs

Updated SMTP services (for V2.8)

Upgrade patch to 2.8 Download V2.8 for prior versions 2.094 and up.

Notes for Spinmail V2.8 (released December 23rd 1999)

Known problems with 2.8 release - There is a problem in the SmartMail(TM) setup.  If you check 'copy bounces', the alternate domains are disabled.  You need to re-enable them.  This will be fixed in the next update.

If you run Spinmail as a service, you will need to ensure that the Spinmail.ini is in your WINNT\system32 directory.

This will be the last major update that supports UUCP and the native MAPI mail interface.  Due to declining demand for UUCP connectivity as well as generic MS-Mail support, the up coming Version 3.0  will not have support for UUCP/MS-MAIL.   Versions prior to 3.0 will continue to be supported until December 2000.  Most users use POP3/SMTP internally and obviously this will be actively supported.  Does this mean we won't be supporting MS-MAIL?  No, it simply means that you will need to configure Exchange,Outlook etc, to use POP3/SMTP for internet mail.  Regular mail is un effected.

New in 2.8.

SMTP Server

Because of an increasing number of users with dedicated Internet connections, the SMTP server has now been re-written. It is now a separate program, that is started automatically by Spinmail.  The prior version was a .DLL attached to Spinmail, when Spinmail was shut down, the server was too.  Now the server stays running even if Spinmail is not.  This allows you to do maintenance without the outside world being effected.  Mail forwarding has been revamped.  However you must have 'Validate recipient' checked in the SMTP tab of Setup.

Groups are now supported on the SMTP side.  This differs from the POP3 group setup, in that if you want to setup 'Sales@my_domain' you simply call the group 'sales'

Shutting down the SMTP server.  Right click on the globe in the system tray and select shutdown.  The user ID and password used must be one who's privilege is set to sysadmin.


More 'tweaks' to the Mail processor.
If you have a situation where some users have a dedicated POP3 mail box and others use a Smartmail box, you can disable Smartmail for this user by unchecking the check box (Smartmail) in the individuals account setup.  Spinmail will then pull mail from the Smartmail box account and the individual users account.  ** The individual POP3 account must be on the same mail server as the Smartmail box account.

Bounced Messages

Under the Smartmail tab in setup, you now have the option of copying bounced messages to the postmaster. (Default is off)

Notes for Spinmail V2.7 R 1 (released November 17th 1999)

Right click on globe in task bar shows SMTP Server stats.

Tab function in user maint. did not work correctly if mouse was not available.
Fixed a race condition in local mail processing which could cause external mail to 'hang' when multiple incoming connections to the SMTP server occured.

Notes for Spinmail V2.7 Beta 3 (released September 23rd 1999)

Reworked SMTP Server.
Fixed various issues with setup screen
Fixed mail forwarding.
Fixed message bounce.

Notes for Spinmail V2.6 (released May 18th 1999)

Beta Status removed
Setup options completed.
Traps in SMTP for binary messages.

Notes for Spinmail V2.6 Beta 6 (released March 28th 1999)

Updates to new setup menu.
More traps placed in Smartmail.

Notes for Spinmail V2.6 Beta 5 (released March 3rd 1999)

Beta system setup available under maint menu, includes:

Added options in SMTP server to restrict access.
Basic web server for remote maint of Spinmail.

Removed NNTP(News) support..

Notes for Spinmail V2.6 Beta 4 (released February 24th 1999)

SMTP problem If the ISP's SMTP server gave an error message when sending mail, Spinmail would go into a tight loop.
Smart mailbox(tm) made a little smarter.
Started removing obselete functions as part of Y2K remediation.

Notes for Spinmail V2.6 Beta 3 (released February 15th 1999)

Fixed issues with Smartmail.
Cleaned up group entry Datawindow problems.

Notes for Spinmail V2.6 Beta 2 (released February 11th 1999)

Local mail was not being processed correctly
Fixed LIST command in POP3 server.
Fixed TOP command in POP3 server.

Notes for Spinmail V2.6 Beta (released February 8th 1999)

Added NT service Support. To install Spinmail as an NT service see readme
Tightened up Smartmail™

If a user is marked as disabled, and local mail is sent to that user, Spinmail
will send email via the internet that user. This allows local users to send
email to users within their domain, that may not use Spinmail for mail, ie
remote users. Having the user disabled, also prevents spinmail from downloading
POP3 mail for that user.

Notes for Spinmail V2.54 (released January 13th 1999)

While doing some cleanup work, UUCP was disabled - fixed

Notes for Spinmail V2.53 (released January 7th 1999)

Windows 98 support

New multi-threaded SMTP sender.
Module that sends Email to the internet is now written in C++.
It is substantially faster at sending large files.

Fixed issues with the wake and sleep events.

Fixed issues with routing internal email to various Fax servers
and other internal servers.

Changed SMTP server, stricter recipient checking.

Notes for Spinmail 2.52 (released December 15th 1998)

Updated docs posted.
Increased size of Phone book buffer (If you have more than 11 entries,
Spinmail would report "Can't open phone book".
If you leave either the PPP ID or Password blank, Spinmail will now
use settings in phone book to dial ISP.

Fixed a bug in smartmail (tm) where 'bounced' email that should have gone
to the postmaster would occasionally go to the wrong person.

If Spinmail was shutdown with a system shutdown, the active poll event was
not retained.

Notes for Spinmail 2.51 (released November 11th 1998)

Fixed problem with routing local email via internet.
disabled user validation in SMTP server, this is now done via the main mail program.
Above fixes issues with internal domain routing.

Notes for
Spinmail 2.5
(released September 29th 1998)

No Changes, beta status removed.

Notes for Spinmail 2.5 Beta 5 (released September 14th 1998)

All being well, this will be the final beta. All that remains is for updated documentation, final Y2K compliance checks and a new installer.

Added option to view/Delete un-delivered in-bound email. Access is via the Tools menu.
Implemented Internal domain mail routing.
If you have an multiple internal mail servers, and these are connected via a Lan, you can now route mail internally.

Under Options/system options/Relay Domains, you can add up to 10 domain names to relay to. The Relay domain should be the full domain name, i.e. to relay to another host called, you would enter

You next need to tell windows what the IP address for that domain is.
You can do this using DNS if you have one running internally, or you can place an entry in the 'HOSTS' file. This file is located in the  WINNT/SYSTEM32/DRIVERS/ETC Dr on WIN NT or in the WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 dir under Win95.

When windows is installed there is a file called HOSTS.SAM
Copy this file to one called HOSTS (no extension) if you don't already have one, and add an appropriate entry line.


Found a problem with the POP3 software some ISP's use. Would cause Spinmail to 'hang' on certain messages (mainly Spam).

Spam emailers often omit required header fields, like the 'FROM:' line. Trapped for this (May the Spammers rot in Hell!!)

If you had an invalid User ID or Password that the ISP did not like, POP3 mail download would stop. Spinmail correctly reported this, but just sat there. It will now move on to the next user in the dB.

Notes for 2.5 Beta 4
Fixed a small memory leak.  If using SMTP for inbound mail and internal users got their email via MS Mail,
Spinmail would not post it to the user, Fixed. Other minor fixes.

Notes for 2.5 Beta 3
Changed order in which email is sent/received. Spinmail now gets mail,
then sends it. Prior to this version, it sent first and then received.

Local POP3 server window is no longer visible within Spinmail. It now
appears as a 'globe' in the system tray.

Few other internal 'tweaks'

Notes for 2.5 Beta 2
Tweaked the SMTP server a little, fixed DQ for Exchange server and other small fixes.

Notes for 2.5 beta
This version of Spinmail features a new multi-threaded local SMTP server and POP3 client.   The new POP3 client should resolve issues where, with some ISP's, mail would get 'stuck'.  In addition, like the SMTP server, they are an order of 10 times faster than the existing modules.  Users using Smartmail should also find that it is more intelligent in routing mail.  A word of caution, while we test all releases as best as we can, it is still a beta, therefore make sure you backup your prior versions of Spinmail.  You should make backup copies of the following.


Additionally if the following exist


June 14th 1998 2.3

What's in 2.3

All new internal SMTP server. This is a true multithreaded SMTP server. It's a factor of 10 faster than the original. It's fast enough to act as a main SMTP server with permanent connections to the net.

Added alias maint. Fixed a problem with selecting dialup connections. Re-vamped ETRN.

February 5th 1998 2.206

Upgrade patch to 2 .206 for prior versions 2.094 and up

Fixed no subject problem
Changed mail in via SMTP to accept mail via LAN.

February 2nd 1998 Spinmail(R) 2.205

MS-Mail, if email is sent with an attachment, encoded with UUencode,
and the message is in Mime format. Spinmail would not decode
the attachment. (It expected Base 64)

January 21st 1998 Spinmail(R) 2.204

Added Adjustable POP3 buffer size. If you have a slow PC or ISP, set
the buffer to 32k (Options, TCP/IP options).

Fixed an issue with Smartmail where it was possible to get duplicate

December 22nd 1997 Spinmail(R) 2.203

Re-worked pop3 client for slow network connections
Finally fixed a problem with the relay host setup.
Changed mail received report to fetch data when it opens.
Fixed an issue which 'might' cause a GPF on dialing ISP
Added European character support on inbound pop3-> MAPI.

December 9th 1997 Spinmail(R) 2.203 Beta

Added support for Proxy News server (Configurable port number)
Added European Charset support in Pop3
Added support for ms/tnef attachment type
Fixed a bug in Smartmail
Upgraded Powersoft runtime. This version should work with the currently
published runtime, but please report any problems. (
Take a backup of
the included files before you apply this patch!

November 25th 1997 Spinmail 2.201

Exchange relay host - Added traps for 'mis formed Mail To:'
Added traps for missing end of message markers in POP3 message retrieval.
Fixed an introduced problem processing Mime Attachments for MS-Mail users.
Fixed European character set message processing (inbound)

September 4th 1997 Spinmail(R) 2.2 Beta 6

Added support for ETRN command (RFC 1985) to DQ mail. This is an alternative to Smartmail. How it works is as follows.

On a poll, Spinmail will send an ETRN command to DQ mail. When your ISP gets this, their SMTP server will send mail using SMTP to Spinmail.

This is very efficient, BUT...

1. Your ISP must support ETRN, not a big deal
2. Your ISP must allocate you a Fixed IP address. (may be a big deal) and this should be assigned to your modem etc.


Go to the option/TCP/IP option menu
Check 'mail in via SMTP
When you save this, under the options menu, Mail in via SMTP is enabled
Go to this screen
There are 3 options you need to specify, the IP address your ISP gave you and the minutes to wait for mail.
Finally the command to give, i.e. (this downloads all mail for the Spinmail domain.

Using Finger instead of ETRN will be supported shortly.

Updated news setup

When you delete an area, all message text is now deleted.

August 26th 1997 Spinmail(R) 2,2 Beta 5

Made Mime encoding part of Spin32.DLL, for ms-mail users, this improves
performance 500%

August 20th 1997 Spinmail(R) 2,2 Beta 4

If the ISP's mail server rejects a message because it did not like the sender, it would cause the message to sit there and hold up the outbound mail Q.
It is now deleted and the sender is informed.

This has come about as more and more ISP's do validation on the sender in an effort to stop SPAM.

Removed some annoying copyright messages.

If a user tried to auto subscribe via ms-mail, Spinmail would limit the user ID to 8 chars.

July 31st 1997 Spinmail 2,2 Beta 3

Added limited ESMTP Support for the ETRN command. This is mainly for Exchange users (connecting to Spinmail via the Internet service)
Exchange can be configured to issue an ETRN command to DQueue mail. When Spinmail gets this command, It will immediately send all queued mail to the specified host in the relay host field.

Note, this is not a true implementation as all mail is directed to the relay host, i.e. the parameter specified in the ETRN command is ignored.

If you do NOT have DNS. You will need to create an entry in the hosts file on the PC running Spinmail. If this does not exist, locate a file called hosts.sam Copy this to a hosts and edit it.

These settings are accessed from Options/System Options/TCP/IP.

July 30th 1997 Spinmail(R) 2.2 Beta 2

Changed auto-response to included original subject

Fixed problem with bouncing messages.

July 13th 1997 Spinmail(R) 2.2 Beta

This beta version is only a beta in 2 areas.

Please report any problem, particularly in the UUCP area immediately

Re-Wrote UUCP import mail module. Now has mail recovery if a crash occurs.
Added Facility to receive mail from ISP via SMTP.

To enable this option, go options menu, TCP/IP options and enable Mail in via SMTP and set the minutes to wait for a connection.
Using this option will disable Spinmail from polling using POP3.