Overview Of Spinmail

Spinmail is a Microsoft Mail / Exchange to Internet UUCP or TCP/IP Gateway.    It also supports any POP3 complient software such as Outlook, Eudora, Pegasus etc.

Version 2 has additional features/clients, please look at 'What's New in version 2

Spinmail was designed to provide companies using Microsoft Email/ POP3  with an easy and effective way to access the Internet. A great deal of effort has gone into making Spinmail one of the easiest and most intuitive ways of getting company personnel a 'presence' on the net. In addition attention has been made to making the operation , support and maintenance of Spinmail a low manpower drain.

In essence Spinmail provides a complete solution to enable companies to grant individual employees their own Internet address (5,000 max.). Users can also send and receive files, documents by simply attaching them to Email messages.

With the Microsoft Remote software, anyone can pick up Internet Email and files virtually anywhere there is a telephone.

In short Spinmail may be the most cost effective and efficient way of getting your people onto the Internet without having to be Internet Gurus.

Spinmail is being marketed as shareware.

New Reports

An Number of new reports have been added to spinmail, including the one shown below.


Spinmail/32 final release available

A native 32 bit (NT/Win95) version of Spinmail is now available. This version is a true 32 bit version of Spinmail and uses the New version of Powerbuilder 5 to increase performance and reliability as well as taking advantage of specific Win95 feature. Spinmail can now run as an NT service. This version (2.1), supports Local mail from smtp clients and multi-part Mime file attaches for ms-mail users, and is now available for download.

What's New in Version 2.x

Version 2 builds on the solid background and reliability of version 1.x. It now boasts connectivity with a host of mail clients, such as Eudora, Microsoft Exchange, Netscape V2. In fact, any POP3/SMTP compliant software may be used. These clients will require a TCP/IP network to communicate with the Spinmail Server.

The choice of mail clients is up to you. You have a choice of supporting Simple Mail (as in WFW etc.) , POP3/SMTP or both. As in version 1.x, a great deal of effort has gone into making the setup and maintenance as simple as possible, while still providing a great deal of flexibility and speed.

This version also has a 'Smart Mailbox' The smart mailbox is a feature used with POP3 mailboxes on your ISP. Your ISP will forward all mail to one POP3 account. Spinmail will retrieve all of the mail from this account, and distribute accordingly. Most ISP's will charge on a per mailbox basis. By using the Smart mailbox, not only do you save costs, but it also gives you the ability to add/remove users without having to have your ISP setup accounts.
If you have any questions concerning Spinmail V2, please see the supportSection.


Can use UUCP OR TCP/IP (Pop3/SMTP) as the mail transport to the internet.
MS-Exchange Internet Connector support. Use Spinmail to front end the MS-Exchange Connector.
Built in POP3/SMTP Server.
Built in NNTP (Net News) server.
Supports MS-Mail (WFW) ,Exchange clients (and other POP3/SMTP clients).
Works with the Microsoft TCP/IP stack in Win95.
Spinmail is written using Powersoft's Powerbuilder client server software.
Uses a 32bit SQL database engine for fast processing.
Automatic en/decoding of file attachments.
Poll on demand for urgent mail.
Auto-Dialer for Win95/NT PPP (Using RAS Services).
Auto Responder
Store and Forward
Support for up to 5,000 mail boxes.
Support for multiple Post offices.
Easy to install and maintain.
Mass loading of mail box accounts, load 100's of users in a few clicks.
Easy Installation
Multi-Platform support, Windows 3.X, 95 and NT
Support for attachments sent/received using UUNECODE or MIME (base 64)
Smart Mailbox . Allows ISP to forward all mail to one POP3 mailbox and Spinmail will sort and forward to correct local accounts. Saves you money and the ISP time


All you need to get connected to the Internet is a PC running Windows, Windows 95 or Windows NT, 8 Megabytes of RAM (16 for 95/NT), 20 Megabytes of disk space, a modem and an Internet UUCP account. (Normal charge for a UUCP account is around $20 - $50 a month) OR a TCP/IP SMTP/POP3 (dialup or permanent ) account and connection.

Most service providers provide UUCP accounts.

Windows 3.X, 95 and NT, Microsoft mail are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
Powerbuilder is a trademark of Powersoft Corp.

All Trademarks are acknowledged.

Costs for Spinmail
5 users is the minimum order

Bulk Registration (1 - 49 Users)………$20.00 Per User
Bulk Registration (50 - 99 Users)…….$17.00 Per User
Bulk Registration (100 - 499 Users)….$15.00 Per User
Site license (1 server) (5,000 users)…$2,500.00

**Note, even if you have multiple Post offices, you only need one server.
This pricing supersedes any other prices in the on line help

Full details are available in the documentation included with Spinmail for paying by check etc.

"Any questions about the status of the shipment of the order, refunds, registration options, product details, technical support, volume discounts, dealer pricing, site licenses, non-credit card orders, etc., must be directed to Spinmail, Inc.


WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS! and will do what ever we can to earn it (within reason of course).

Registered users are given the right to upgrade to all future versions of Spinmail (You have no idea as to the great Ideas we have in mind) for a period of 12 months from first registration.

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